Monday, February 23, 2009

3-2-09 CAmm Cine Lounge Meet & Greet

Next month, we're doing the CAmm Cine Lounge a little differently. We'll still screen your films, don't worry! Instead of an industry guest speaker, we're setting up the room for a Meet & Greet -- local production companies set up tables, actors and crew circulate the room - everybody meets & greets! Production companies -- we still have a few slots! Email Stacie to reserve your spot:

Here are the poduction companies on the schedule so far:

OPENING ACT PRODUCTIONS: Upcoming Project-- The Fellowship (feature)

Contact Person: Ron Newcomb
Phone: 703-895-3681

Credits: My Turn (feature), Mr. Pratt (short), The Lord and The Ring (short), The Release (short)

Opening Act Productions, LLC TM (OAP)   is in business to produce theatrical motion pictures. We develop and produce high quality, innovative entertaining content that also is thought-provoking, and ultimately, inspiring. OAP will not focus on one style or genre, but remain sensitive to current trends. We believe that a compelling, entertaining story coupled with quality of craft (and the right mix of marketing) will attract a mass audience. Beginning with the feature film currently titled, The Fellowship, a coming-of-age, Lord of the Rings-inspired comedy.

LOOKING FOR: Crew, Actors, Students (Internships Available)

ABSOLUTE INDEPENDENT PICTURES: Upcoming Project-- Several Features

Contact Person: Michelle Farrell
Phone: 410-440-1451

Credits: DP on 12 feature films, shorts, industrials, commercials, ten years in the business, gear rentals

Absolute Independent Pictures specializes in video and independent movie production. Based in Maryland, our wide range of services includes outstanding video and cinematography, lighting, crew, grip & electric, gear rental and post-production including visual effects. Absolute Independent Pictures (formally O’Ferrell Productions) produces videos for a variety of clients and does freelance work for a number of national television productions. Together with her partners, owner Michelle Farrell delivers projects from script to screen and includes a host of other freelance services.

LOOKING FOR: Crew, Students (Training and Internships)

ARCTIC CIRCLE FILMS: Upcoming Projects-- Music Videos and A Normal Life

Contact Person: Andrew Sadtler, Timothy E. Roth
Phone: 443-413-6635
Credits: Laid To Rest, E-Preeti, Toe To Toe, and various music videos and commercials

Arctic Circle Films is a Baltimore based production company, producing music videos, corporate videos, short films, and feature films. There service includes all aspects from pre-production to post-production, including editing and color-correction. With production of any project, the client receives a full DVD-package, in which all the menus are designed as well as the DVD inserts and jackets. On staff they have one DP, two directors, one editor, two writers, two grips and electrics, as well as two gaffers.

LOOKING FOR: Crew, Actors, Students (Training and Internships)

LOUD COMMUNICATIONS: Upcoming Project—US Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Contact Person: Michael Ivan Schwartz
Phone: 410-718-0344

Credits: Happy SAHD: A Documentary about 21st Century Dads (feature), variety on non- profit marketing videos

Loud Communications is a freelance video production company in Baltimore, MD. We specialize in short marketing videos for non-profit organizations. We have also produced a 30-minute national TV show, Behind Lacrosse for two seasons and recently finished our first full-length documentary, Happy SAHD. Currently we have a few projects for non-profits in production and several more proposals in process. We are considering a new full-length documentary.

LOOKING FOR: Crew, Students (Training and Internships)

HERRON DESIGNS: Upcoming Project—The Fall of the House of Usher
Contact Person: Craig Herron
Phone: 410-664-6020

Credits: Variety of independent features, Shorts: Freedom Dance, A Fall From The Clouds

Herron Designs works on indie projects and commercials doing: Production design, Animation, Visual FX and matte paintings and also produces their own short films.

LOOKING FOR: Crew, Students (Training and Internships)

THE RUMBLEY FILM STUDIO: Upcoming Project—The Author

Contact Person: Hunter Nesbitt
Phone: 410-651-4535

Credits: Shorts: Ghostly Vacuum, Mary Swann, What Chance (Post-Production)

The Rumbley Film Studio is primarily me, Hunter Nesbitt, though I have a number of dedicated people helping me. I am interested in narrative film as art. Though I want to be able to tell a compelling story, I am less interested in entertaining than I am in exploring what can be ordinarily hidden. I am not interested in murder, mayhem, or torture, and using the medium for the kind of visceral effect that violence can produce. My aesthetic could be described as quiet, certainly not hip or witty. If you are interested, I can provide quicktime files of my last two projects, and you can see if my sensibility interests you. I cannot at this time pay either cast or crew. Nevertheless, it is important for logistical reasons that I have people helping me who are dedicated and responsible. I need people who will help for the love of the process and to learn, which are the reasons I do it. It would be nice to think that money will be made on my projects some day, but that may very well never happen. I want to do it anyway, and so I'm always on the lookout for help. I am especially looking for help in cinematography and sound, but I would like to meet anyone interested in any aspect of production.

LOOKING FOR: Crew, Students (Training and Internships)

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