Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Termite TV Eats The Patterson! 2.29.08

Founded in 1992, Termite TV is a video collective with members based in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Buffalo. The mission of Termite TV Collective is to produce, distribute and facilitate the creation of experimental and activist media that challenges the status quo and provides an alternative to corporate media. We value working collaboratively across artistic disciplines, inspiring other artists, encouraging the expression of multiple styles and points of view, risk-taking, innovation and the blend of humor and intelligent critique in our work.

Termite TV will be at The Patterson, Friday Feb 29 (@ 8pm), with a whole new program of mind-bending political experiments. Sure to be a wacky night. Here is a sample of previous work:

"Consumerism" (from This Is Only A Test, 1992)

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