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From ‘02 until ‘06, Joanna was the Media Arts Director of Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY, where she worked closely with artists and organizations on the production and presentation of experimental and documentary work. Currently, Joanna collaborates with the programming collective Stateless Cinema, bringing political films and videos to the DC area. Her own short films and videos have shown internationally. She is also a member of Termite Television, a video collective producing experimental and activist media, providing an alternative to corporate media. Joanna and Termite TV screen their work at The Patterson Fri Feb 29 at 8pm.

1. What’s the last movie you loved and what was the last movie that felt like a waste of time and money?

The last movie I paid to see in a legitimate cinema and loved was Julien Temple's THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN. The last movie I saw and couldn't get into was BLADES OF GLORY (though this was a Netflix choice and not a complete waste of time...)

2. What’s your guilty pleasure movie or TV show?

I just started watching American Idol (is this the 6th season?) and really like Simon.

3. How’d you get into filmmaking?

I took a lot of film theory and criticism classes during my first undergraduate degree (at UMCP). It wasn't until I took some film production classes at UMBC that I realized I could actually learn through practice and not only through books.

4. What’s your fave piece of gear?

My little Sony PDX camera (I don't think they make them anymore). It's compact, durable and has served me well.

5. What’s the one thing you’d warn a new filmmaker NOT to do on their first film?

Don't think you can do it alone! Even the most solitary filmmakers benefit from the support and feedback of friends and colleagues.

Here is
Virtual Army (2007) by Joanna:

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