Monday, April 19, 2010

Take 6 Interview with CAmm Intern James Berbert!

1. What's the last movie you loved and what was the last movie you hated?
The last movie I loved was Mother Night and the last movie I hated was probably Inglourious Basterds.

2. What's your guilty pleasure movie or TV show?
I have no guilty pleasures. I'm not ashamed of anything that stimulates me, but I do recognize my quasi-addiction to ABC's Lost is pretty silly. Sure is poorly shot and totally nonsensical, but it's so compelling! Close ups, strategically places cuts, screeching's no less an epic of modern civilization than Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey were to the ancient Greeks.

3. What kind of films do you make?
I have made a PSA for FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement), an animal rights organization that promotes veganism and takes an abolitionist stance concerning the use and consumption of animal products.

4. How'd you get into filmmaking?
I saw Clerks by Kevin Smith.

5. What's your fave piece of gear?
The tripods. They don't get enough love.

6. Why did you decide to do an internship at Creative Alliance Movie Makers? What projects have you been working on here?
I was disillusioned with the institution of higher education, but I still wanted to still purse the world of video and film. My video professor at the time highly recommended that I apply for an internship to Creative Alliance, and so I did, and now I'm answering these questions. Here at Creative Alliance I make short videos promoting artists and their shows here at the Patterson. They're all on our YouTube page.

James Berbert, in addition to interning at Creative Alliance Movie Makers, is an animal rights activist. He recently helped to produce this video for Meatout:

To read more about this video, click here.

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