Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tonite! 1/23 Cabinet of Dr. Caligari w/ new score by Darsombra vs. Ala Muerte

Silent Sounds: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
w/ live score by Darsombra vs. Ala Muerte

Sat Jan 23, 7pm.
$10, $8 mbrs, stus.

Darsombra (Brian Daniloski) vs. Ala Muerte (Bianca Bibiloni) is one part sinister accompaniment and two parts sonic death duel! Mixing hypnotic, mutilated guitar loops with layers of vocals, ranging from ethereal to guttural, Daniloski and Bibiloni channel every tense and depraved nuance of Robert Wiene’s influential German expressionist film.

Check out Brian's interview on The Signal here!

Darsombra is the solo project of Baltimore's Brian Daniloski. As Darsombra, he has released several critically acclaimed records on the Public Guilt label, toured the US numerous times, and has recently introduced the UK and France to his particular brand of apocalyptic dronescape.

Ala Muerte, also on Public Guilt, is the moniker used by New York's Bianca Bibiloni. While she has also toured the US and EU, Bibiloni has most recently performed in the Gloucester New Arts Festival in Massachusetts and will be appearing in the upcoming Eve of New Year's Eve Festival commemorating the two hundredth birthday of occult artist Austin Osman Spare.

In addition to various joint performances throughout the years, Daniloski and Bibiloni collaborated on the score to the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival's production of Hamlet this past summer.

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