Friday, August 8, 2008

Take 5 Interview w/ Stephanie Barber!

Stephanie Barber's chapbook, poems, was published by Bronze Skull Press in 2006. Her films have shown internationally, including solo shows at MoMA, Film Festival Rotterdam, New York Film Festival, and other museums and galleries.

Fri Aug 15 Stephanie screens new videos and celebrates the release of her new book at Creative Alliance! $5 screening, $20 screening + book. Sat Aug 16 the show moves over to the Red Room (at Normal's Books in Waverly)!

1. What's the last movie you loved and what was the last movie you hated? the last one i saw that i loved was ben russell's 16mm film black and white trypps number four, while i was watching it i thought maybe i was the first woman on the moon and the moon was a lonely manic stage for super super stardom. i think i was leaning all the way over in my seat. i can't think of something i hated, i really like to watch almost anything.

2. What's your guilty pleasure movie or TV show? i love to watch fast times at ridgemont high but i don't really feel guilty about it cuz it is such a perfectly crafted narrative. like balzac, fluffy and brilliantly balanced.

3. How'd you get into filmmaking? my mom gave me her sound super 8 when i was 15.

4. What's your fave piece of gear? a nagra for grace in design and functionality but i'd really love to own an acme optical printer.

5. What's the one thing you'd warn a new filmmaker NOT to do on their first film? i think you should not string it between skyscrapers and walk from one to the other on it a la philippe petit. but the word tightrope is fantastic

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