Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take 5! w/ Chris LaMartina

Chris LaMartina is an award-winning writer/director from Baltimore, MD. His last film, "Book of Lore" was recently picked up by international distribution company, Phoenix Entertainment Group, and he is currently finishing up his new horror anthology, "Grave Mistakes", slated for release in October 2008. Come down to The Patterson Friday night for Book of Lore and a preview of Grave Mistakes!! (Full event info and trailer below interview.)

1. What’s the last movie you loved and what was the last movie you hated?

The last movie that I "loved" would probably be "Deadwood Park", an atmospheric dv horror flick shot by some very talented filmmakers out in Missouri. The film has a very haunting quality and the scope of production is grander than any dv horror I've seen before.

The last movie I "hated"? That's tougher. I really didn't enjoy "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly". I thought the material there was too gimmicky and could have better translated into a shorter film. I know its a true story so I can't be too critical of plot points or anything, but I thought it could have been much better. It just wasn't engaging enough for me.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure movie or TV show?
I'm a political junkie. When I get a television with cable in front of me, it's all about C-Span. It drives people nuts. Sometimes, I watch the static shots of the Senate session about to begin. No one's talking. Just classical music and shuffling Senators. There's something bizarrely comforting about it.

3. How’d you get into filmmaking?
Nothing new here. I was one of those lonely kids who stumbled across the family camcorder and begin screwing around. As I grew older, the stories became more elaborate and I refined my technique.

4. What’s your fave piece of gear?
That I currently own? Hmmm... it's all pretty beat-up and bruised by now. I guess my G5. As for things I don't own any more, it would have to be my old Videonics MX-1. That thing ruled. It was my best friend for years and years before Final Cut. Once, I edited a whole 55 minute slasher film all in-camera, with the exception of 3 VCR edits and MX1's fade function. (Wow. I sound like a total nerd).

5. What’s the one thing you’d warn a new filmmaker NOT to do on their first film?
Feeding your crew is important. Feeding your crew expensive food is stupid. Jimmy and I made a big mistake by catering to our every food whim on "Book of Lore". We bought fast food and took actors out to dinner constantly instead of being smart and ordering pizza or cooking. Half our budget, I assure you, went to craft services. Be smart! Don't spend money you don't have to.

Fri Jul 11
Book of Lore (LaMartina, 2007)
w/ preview of Grave Mistakes
& short Soundwave: The Touch (Uhr, 2007)

When Rick’s girlfriend turns up dead, he and his friends stumble onto a chilling encyclopedia of local murders called the Book of Lore. Baltimore native LaMartina’s film is a tribute to 1980s horror flicks like Fright Night. Winner of Shocker Fest’s Best Horror Feature, shot for under $8K and featuring the voice of “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis, it is a frightening tour-de-force of low-budget ingenuity. Plus preview shorts from LaMartina’s upcoming feature and Gabe Uhr’s viral hit Soundwave: The Touch, viewed over one million times online, featured on VH1 and in USA Today. $2 Bloodies on sale at the bar! 8pm. $8, $6 mbrs.

Creative Alliance at The Patterson
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224
Info and tix:, 410-627-5008

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